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Re: To Nancy -- Melody

Posted by Nancy S. on 4/23/00 at 00:00 (019227)

Dear Melody,
Rest IS difficult -- I felt the same way when I pretty much rested only, from mid-Dec. to mid-March. And your wrist problem must make it that much harder, I can just imagine. Are you in the middle of a serious rest period now, and for how long? I have to admit, it did make me feel crazy, and depressed. But it definitely did help my foot. A lot of healing took place, and my main concerns now are trying to get back psychologically to real life and to physically not overdo it as I try to use my feet more. I'm going Very Slowly, because I have a lot of fear of setback.
I hope your doctor has more ideas for your treatment when you see him next week. And I wish you could try Birks -- if you could get fitted, you could order from Scott's link to the German web site. How frustrating. Melody, do you use a night splint? Do you use any extra arch suppport in your shoes (if that helps you)? Have you tried acupuncture? Just some thoughts.
I do hope you find some relief soon -- keep us posted, won't you? Best from Nancy