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More on TTS - and note to Dfeet

Posted by wendyn on 4/23/00 at 22:43 (019288)

Hi dfeet - good comments to add. I have read that TTS can cause more pain at night, although this has not been my experience. I have had swelling though - and it's rarely mentioned as a symptom. I guess everyone is different and it depends on the cause of the problem. Even when my pain was at it's worst, it did affect my sleep but being off my feet was always better than being on my feet.

A further thought on the EMG testing you mention. Yes, it is good to help confirm damage to the nerve - but it cannot be used to rule out TTS. I've read this and been told this on a number of ocassions by different doctors. Also, according to a doctor on the neuropathy bulletin board, there is no way to know for sure what is causing damage to the nerve - only that it's happened. For example, the testing may show problems with the lateral nerve but the problem could be from TTS or it could be from damage from diabetes. Apparently (according to him anyway) there is no way to tell the difference (as in what's _causing_ the problem. This was news to me, I thought you may find it interesting.