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Re: To Nancy: Details how I got rid of yeast

Posted by Beverly on 4/24/00 at 11:17 (019311)


Here is how I got rid of Candida. (Well, probably remission is a better term.)

In 1992, I found myself with one more yeast infection - once again - used to get them about once a month... Monistat, ect. stopped working.
Mine was easier to diagnose as Candida, because I had the classic yeast infection, but yes, there are many other symptoms.
My doctor specialized in women's health and here is what she had me do:
1. I read 'The Yeast Connection' (written by allergist who is the guru on Candida) and I went on his elimination diet.
2. After about a month, I no longer counted carbs, but I did permently give up:
sugar, yeast, vinegar, perservatives, alcholic beverages (very important), cow cheese, white flour, mushrooms and cantelope and I limited my fruit to one serving a day- making sure it was firm and not moldy. I ate only yeast-free bread. I was cautious with milk. (Usually drink rice milk and in moderation.) Not a drop of sugar or yeast touched my lips. I also took aphidolphilus (spelling?), Nystatin (perscription antifungal) and for a short while I took Nizoral (today, Diflucan is considered safer and faster. It is a powerful, expensive antifungal). I tried lots and lots of supplements. I also worked at reducing stress. Wore cotton underwear, and was careful about hottubs (how fresh was the water).
I met women who had been really messed up by being left on the powerful antifungals for too long. The longest I ever took Nizoral or Diflucan was about a month but typical length was a week or less. (And it is VERY important for doctor to know your other meds. These antifungals have some dangerous drug interactions - very dangerous.)
I met women who swore by the natural way only. And have your doctor do liver panels if you do take antifungals - especially for longer than usual lengths. I never had a problem, but some do.

Today, I am careful, but I can eat my 'safe carbs' - the ones that breakdown slowly in sugar - freely - like fruit and yeast free bread. I do stay away from yeast , sugar, vinegar, alchohal. And I stay away from processed meats (hidden sugar). I eat soy or almond cheese (make sure there is no barley malt in it). I never had a problem with wheat or corn, but many do. Before I take an antibiotic, my doctor has to convince me that it is neccessary, and then I always get an antifungal to go along with it. As I said, cortizone spooks me, but if I were to take any, I'd probably ask for a three day supply of Diflucan.

Like other hard to diagnose condidtions, Candida is allusive. When I first had this, few doctors even acknowleged that it existed. Today, more do. I also met women who swore by allergy shots, but I didn't try them. I read some really extreme stuff, like get rid of carpet. My reaction was 'no way!' I really think it was the food diet that worked, and as a result, I lost alot of weight and fast - about 20 lbs! (But gained it back after so many yeast free products got invented.) My favorite yeast free breads are made by Pacific Bakery and French Meadow. Found or special ordered at a health food store. And it pays to buy to good alphidolphilus - health food store kind that stays in refrigerator.

When I do push the envelope, like trying bacon (has a little sugar) for first time in years, I find I'm fine at first, but then if I eat it every day, I get a reaction, but I no longer have to take the antifungals - except when on antibiotics. I just go back on the strict diet. But under no cirmcustances do I eat sugary things like pies or donuts. My pushing the envelope is eating something like bacon.
Not everyone has to be this careful. In terms of Candida, I was an extreme case. Hopefully, I won't be extreme case with PF.
Good luck,