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Re: To Nancy: Details how I got rid of yeast

Posted by Nancy S. on 4/24/00 at 14:35 (019317)

Hi Beverly, Thanks so much for posting your yeast-killing program. It's hard to find people willing to give this much detail, and I appreciate your generosity. Your symptoms sound a bit different from mine, but the diet sounds very familiar! My main symptoms were the fatigue and brain fog, and also chronic sinusitis that no doctor could do anything about. But I also had a history of myriad past unexplained symptoms, such as psoriasis and other rashes, and panic attacks.
I have not been under the care of any doctor for this, so I have taken no Rx antifungals -- just followed a diet strictly, which for me also has meant no sugar, no yeast, no fermented products, no processed anything, and few complex carbs. Recently I have reintroduced a few things I had dropped: brown rice occasionally, potatoes occasionally, and certain soft cheeses -- oh, and a martini occasionally (gave up wine). I still avoid, and plan to continue to avoid, sugar (I don't even consider pies or donuts or whatever, like you), all bread and pasta, milk (except soy milk).
I have felt great physically since beginning this (after the shock of initial die-off), and have had no problem reintroducing the things I've chosen to (I do plan to bring back fruit, limited because of sugar). In the first two months I lost 26 pounds, too, which was more than I had gained due to PF inactivity, and none has come back even with reintroduction of some complex carbs. I think this loss is benefiting my foot -- in fact, I'm sure it has to be.
Supplements I take: acidophilus, calcium, milk thistle extract, good multivitamin.
Anyway, it seems to be going well and improving the symptoms, not to mention the PF, so I feel very happy about it. Maybe most of all, I'm happy about feeling healthier in general than ever before -- I used to practically live on carbs and sugar -- and I feel SO much better without that stuff dragging me down, which it did. I guess you really are what you eat, in terms of health. I used to think that was a stupid cliche that I wasn't going to let 'take over' my life, no way! But it doesn't take over -- I find it quite freeing. Sounds like you might, too, and more power to you. --Nancy