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Re: I have my suspessions about this too.

Posted by Kim B. on 4/24/00 at 17:25 (019323)

We moved into a home with a lot of Italian Ceramic Tile floors about 2 years ago. The Kitchen, Entyway, Dinning and breakfast rooms, Powder Room, and laundry Room are all connnected with the same hard cermamic. They might as well be made of concrete. The rest of house is carpeted. But this ceramic tile makes up most of the main living areas. The house we moved from had a lot of lanolium, which I think 'gives' just a little more.

Before coming down with PF I was a barefoot around the house kind of gal. No More. My PF erupted about 9 months after we moved in to the new house. I posted a while back that I thought this had something to do with my problem. I put a large inexpensive area rug, with padding underneath it, in the kitchen. I think it has help some, but may be too little too late.

Regards, Kim.