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Recovery time

Posted by wendyn on 4/24/00 at 21:35 (019336)

You know, the longer I'm here - the more annoyed I am with my podiatrist I saw 3 summers ago. I went in with my first nasty case of PF...other than giving me hard custom orthotics, all he did is tape my feet up and tell me to stretch lots. Never told me HOW to stretch or WHAT to stretch, and NEVER told me how long it would take to heal. I figured a couple days should do it.

I've heard anything now from six to twelve weeks or so. I really wish I'd known to take it easier for longer.

Beverly - it's really individual - you may be fine next week or it could take longer than 4 months. Sounds like you did not ignore the pain as long as many of though, so hopefully you caught it at the beginning (if there is such a thing!)