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answer to dfeet, tts and exercise

Posted by alan k on 4/25/00 at 07:30 (019342)

Yes, that is very strange since you were doing it for so long.
I think I do know the reason, though. Could be nerve entrapment, like tts, developing over the course of that three month period. (I am also basing this on my recollection, which may be wrong, that you have been diagnosed with possible tts). The increased blood flow during exercise will expand the tissue in the tt region and cause sensations to arise soon, and which may linger on and then become exacerbated with repeated applications. Also, the physical mechanics of the movement in certain exercises may impact the tt region adversely.

On the other hand, developing the elasticity in the muscles around the tt region can also be helpful (see posts on exercise and tts). It is a balancing act. However, I think I may be the only one here to have successfully resolved tts symptoms (tingling, burning) through exercise, and I did it through moderation.

You might try returning to theraband exercises very gently, and see someone about nerve entrapment issues if you haven't already. Also, be cautious with breaking in hard custom orthotics.

alan k