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To Laurie R

Posted by wendyn on 4/25/00 at 08:44 (019347)

Hi Laurie...so what's the scoop - did you decide to try the neurotonin (sp?). How's the pain now? Two more annoying questions for you, I can't recall if we've talked about this before......so I'll ask again...

Did you have other tests done since the pain started...(bone scan, blood tests for thyroid, diabetes and B12 - especially B12?)

And also, have you considered giving acupuncture a try? I don't know what's worked for me in the last few months - it's either B12 or acupuncture, or a combination of both. Regardless, I am a lot better off right now than I was at any time between May of last year and February of this year.

I cannot walk for real exercise, or jog or anything like that...but I can do whatever I NEED to do. If I have to go to the store or the mall, or walk my son to school or the park - I can do it. I don't walk fast, but it's wonderful to have the freedom back to take care of the little things that have to be done. I see the foot and ankle surgeon and the neurologist next month. Hopefully they will be able to confirm the diagnosis I have and offer some insight into what they see happening down the road. My gut feeling though? Past experience tells me they will each come up with some different new disorder and try to tell me that it's my underlying problem. We'll see....