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RE: Two nightsplints.

Posted by Stephanie S. on 4/25/00 at 10:02 (019348)

Hang in there...I know the thought of two nightsplints...well let's
just say...'Stinks' but I promise you...you will adapt. I'm in two
nightsplints myself. It's hard to make it through the night but you
will..just take 1 night at a time. I sleep with a pillow in between
my legs..it helps. Dang!! I haven't had to sleep with a pillow since
I was pregnant but oh well! Suggestion: If you find it too difficult
to sleep with both nightsplints...alternate. When I first started to
sleep with them...I only made it a couple of hours myself before I
was tossing them to the floor...but before I knew it...I would wake
up in the morning and still have them on...so don't give up. They
really help me with the 'morning pain'. Just remember...' Those boots
aren't made for walking'.LOL Good luck to you. Steph