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Re to Wendyn

Posted by Laurie R on 4/25/00 at 12:57 (019358)

Hi Wendy,
First of all I am so glad to hear you are doing better I know you had a few months of severe pain.So do you really think acupuncture has helped you? My Podiatrist has PF also and he told me a few weeks back he was going to try acupuncture.I think with you and I it is not all PF because we both have TTS also.

Please ask me any questions ,to me their are no annoying questions and if I can help anyone in anyway that's a plus.I have not had any blood work done yet , but just months before this started I had all kinds of blood work done for something else and thank god it all was fine.

Also I tryed acupuncture years ago for something else and it did not help me and I didn't care for it but maybe I will try again.I will tell you Wendy this has been a long 10 months I have been off work for 7 months due to this but their is alot of good since this all started,for one I am home with my kids now and I have learned so much from all this 10 months ago I didn't even know what PF or TTS was I never even heard of either of them .

Right now this is where I am ,I go to therapy 2 times a week which helps a little bit,I am in a walking cast and I use crutches to walk around if I go some where also I lost all the muscle in my leg due to the hard cast so I am trying to re build it back up but I have to be careful,I see my Pod on thursday.I did go for a second opinion last monday per my pod and the new doctor (Physical medicine MD ) said that so far everything my Pod has done has been text bbok so for me to continue my treatment PT and walking cast.He is the one that gave me the Neurontin ,I still have not tryed it I am going to ask my Pod about on thursday.I am a big Chicken when it comes to pills.But I do take pain pills now but they don't make me fell high they just take the edge off the pain.

I will let you know what happens on thursday appointment.Right now I have both PF and TTS pain somedays their is more pain than others I am just trying hard to deal with it,I was so depressed for about a week but that also had to do with PMS but I am done feeling sorry for my self I always think it could be worse.

I do know one thing for sure no more cortisone shots for me I had 2 that didn't help at all and plus everything I read no way.I will like to have the shot to numb my foot I had a few of those and they a re wonderful even if it is only a few hours of no pain.

Thanks again for asking how I am doing and I am so glad to hear you are better.My very best to you Wendy.......Laurie R