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Blood work

Posted by wendyn on 4/25/00 at 13:07 (019361)

Laurie I'm surprised that they haven't done blood work on you. I understand that normally they would test for Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and B12 for sure (they did most of these on me about 6 weeks into my new feet problems). B12 (according to the neuropathy bulletin board) is a frequent sinister cause of Peripheral Neuropathy. The damage from a deficiency is reversable if caught soon enough. Ask your doctor about a B12 blood test....it can't hurt and you may want to have it done before you try the neurotonin. Wouldn't it be nice to just need a vitamin instead?

I cannot say for sure what has helped. Time, B12, or acupuncture - combination of all, and maybe yoga? My feet have NO swelling or discoloration and I haven't iced except for 1 day in March (when I was stuffing ice down my socks at the Greek restaurant). I still get a pulling sensation and general soreness - but this is a breeze compared to what I've had before!

Let us know how things go at your podiatrist...