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Reflex Sympathtic Dystrophy and PF

Posted by CherylBoston on 4/25/00 at 15:19 (019364)

Hello, I have had PF for 11 months now and as you may have read have done all the conservative measures the last thing was a hard cast for two months last Friday i took the cast off because my toes were getting pins and needles and my foot was getting cold... my Pod told me to take the cast off keep on the crutches and put limited weight on my toes only... not the whole foot so i as always followed his instruction ....twice i tried to put a small amount on my whole foot but it hurt so i lifted it up... I'm sick of being a pelican...anyway I went for my appointment today and he examins me and decides that I have to see a neurologist he thinks i have rsd along with the pf and he does not think surgery is going to help. my Primary Care physican also agrees with him and thinks he knows what he is doing.. but she agreed to set up an MRI so I go for an MRI on Monday see a nerologist on the 11th of May and I think I'll go for another POD oppinion... when I was in the cast and not doing ANYTHING my heel pain went away... now not only is it back but I have reddnes, coldness and occasional pins and needles anybody have rsd in the heel? any web sites that i might look into ? do not know anything about it.... please excuse the bad spelling..I'm bummin...........Cheryl