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Posted by Nancy S. on 4/25/00 at 19:27 (019374)

Alan, you say you've been slowly developing this tightness also. Were you feeling it before your Chicago walking, and do you think that's why you were slacking off on stretching (if I remember correctly that you said that)? Or has it come about only since all that walking? I discovered today that I feel it more when I'm wearing Birks while walking back and forth a lot (no, not pacing, just TRYING to work!). I went to CVS today and got some Airplus 'sport and work insoles.' These are on top of my hard orthotics in my hiking shoes, providing some cushioning on top of those nasty hard things. And this seems to take a lot of the stress off the achilles -- I guess because the double-layer inserts put my heel higher. Are you wearing Birks while feeling the tightness? Ok, now I'm off to search the web on achilles tendonitis. I sure do a lot of hunting from the recliner. --Nancy