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Survey: Do you like the new message board design?

Posted by Scott R on 4/25/00 at 19:47 (019377)

Possible answers:
1) No.
2) I wish it would show sub threads like it used to.
3) I wish it would default to the current subject heading like it used to.
4) Yes, it's fine the way it is.

Please post any other suggestions. I'm not satisfied with it, but my next revision should be a keeper. I'll probably add the sub-threading feature back, but keep the view all feature.

Please select your response to the above survey question:
.option 1 = 1 votes . . . voters: mindspring.com,
.option 2 = 2 votes . . . voters: webtv.net, ,
.option 3 = 3 votes . . . voters: slip-36.bard.edu, webtv.net, snfca030-1102.splitrock.net,
.option 4 = 2 votes . . . voters: msstate.edu, home.com,