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Re: More on TTS-testing - and note to wendyn

Posted by dfeet on 4/25/00 at 20:43 (019385)

You're absolutely right, wendyn. You must rule out any systemic condition which may be the underlying cause of TTS. All the bloodwork done on me ,thankfully, ruled out any systemic condition. In addition, I had a complete neuro exam of my lower extremities, including the EMG. The EMG also consisted of testing my hamstrings, quads, calves, and various minute musculature surrounding my ankles and feet. The neuro exam took over an hour plus-very thorough, I thought. Also MRI's of both feet and back were taken.
It has been proposed that my TTS followed my PF , and most likely was caused by trauma.(I was an avid tennis player, but curiously developed the TTS after a 3-4mo hiatus from any physical activity(due to PF), but subsequent to wearing rigid orthotics). It was also suspected that the rigid orthotics were contributors to developing the TTS in both my feet. Thanks for listening, again. Be Well-dfeet