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Posted by wendyn on 4/25/00 at 21:51 (019388)

I bet your bummin, I would be too.

Lee, that I believe still comes here ocassionaly, was also diagnosed with RSD - she was going through a series of nerve blocks. I do not think another pod will touch you if he suspects you may have RSD. It's a rare very complicated condition and I believe it's only treated by a neurologist or other specialist with experience with RSD.

Stick 'Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy' (check my spelling, I'm tired) in your search engine as well as 'Complex Regional Pain Syndrome'. The latter is the more modern term - they are the same thing.

RSD is essentially an over reaction by the sympathetic nervous system to what usually starts as an injury. The red color (typically a bright shiny red) and coldness are both probably the signs that concern your doctor. If left untreated it can cause irreversible damage and osteoporosis.

Do lots of homework and the MRI. I think your best bet is to see the neurologist and wait to see a different pod only if the neurologist rules out RSD. If RSD is your problem - having some Podiatrist muck with your PF may be the LAST thing you need. A nightsplint or cortisone shot is not going to be what you need.

Take care - maybe you can get in touch with Lee that used to post here. If she does not respond in a few days - remind me and I will see if I can dig through my old emails and get her address.