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Re: Difference in PF and heelspurs...Lori R.

Posted by Stephanie S. on 4/25/00 at 22:08 (019389)

Got a little confused there for a minute....Lori R. ...there's two
of you.LOL
Read Scott's PF book...alot of people seem to think they are the same...my understanding is they kind of coincide with each other.
Some may have PF and not the spurs themselves and some may have both.
I suggest you 'DO' see a doctor....the sooner you start to treat this
PF the quicker I believe the healing of your feet will be. I don't
neccesarily recommend either one...I mean I think that a Podiatrist
and Ortho-Surgeon can both help treat it. Sounds to me like you have
the classic PF...the morning pain is a sign of that. I have the same
pain as you. Mornings can be dreadful upon getting out of the bed.
The more I walk the less painful they are....until I rest ...that is.
...and then the pain is back. I have been on an anti-inflammatory ,
taken 1 shot in the heel and 1 steriod shot in the hip for this. So
far the steriod shot has helped. I also believe in the stretching
and the nightsplints. The nightsplints help soooo much with the morning pain. I hope you can get yourself into them!! I read one of
your post a few ways down...please lay off the running. It's not good
for your PF right now. Take it easy and rest,rest,rest!! Let us all
on the board know how your doing. Steph