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I really need to go to bed

Posted by wendyn on 4/25/00 at 23:31 (019392)

Went back there - under FAQ they mention '_Hell_ Spur Syndrome'. This is pretty 'punny' I think? How appropriate. Too bad it wasn't intentional.

Hee hee.

I was trying to find out what these things are made of. They seem to avoid that - although it says they don't contain latex and are made of hypo-allergenic material. Wonder why they don't just say what they're made of?

Pity the poor person who tries to sell something like this on this board - we're probably the best educated patients out there...pretty skeptical too.

Perhaps I am out of line - anyone out there can feel free to trash my negative opinion. After all, it's just my opinion and can't be considered the whole story.

Child is home now...I'm going to bed!