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tts and exercise

Posted by alan k on 4/26/00 at 07:59 (019403)

Yes the recommendation for strength exercise seems sound, but also one should note the precautions. I will have more info about my exercises in a few weeks, but should say that I am not sure why I got better with the tts when I am not doing anything especially different than anyone else. There are not many tts people here and not many of them are doing consisitent strenght exercises as far as I know. There just isn't a good enough sample to make any claims about the benefits of strenght exercises for tts, but it does stand to reason that advanced loss of nerve sheath would lead to a release of normal, at rest tension in he muscles and eventually to atrophy, while strength and elasticity would reduce shocks to the nerve.

However, exercise can be a shock-- ask Wendy or me or others. The three exercise principles to follow are:

1) If an exercise session begins to cause unusual sensations, don't work through tingling, numbness, or burning. Be patient and back off and wait for the next session, hoping for results in the long term not the short term

2) ice the tt region for up to 10 minutes after exercise

3) elavate the feet after exercise, rather than return to your chair or computer or something (lying on the couch is good).

You already know what exercises to do so I would say just observe these three principles and go SLOW.

alan k