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Info for David L.

Posted by Rob on 5/01/00 at 17:26 (019725)

Hello there. Kathy was not localized by ultrasound for her treatment. The doctors are doing a randomized test to see how much, if at all, the difference the ultrasound makes. They treat some with the imaging and some without it and they log in the chart which group had the imaging and which ones did not. This is a study in progress and I will keep in touch with the doctors to see if they reach any conclusions. There are plenty of studies that are in progress but I have not seen the criteria the doctors are using to select patients for the studies and I have not seen some of the protocols to see which variables are being isolated or controlled to reach their conclusions. I hope to learn more in the following months. I regret that I have not much more to say other then the doctors do seem to mostly agree that higher energy treatments have better long term results. By long term they are referring to after the 12 month follow up and results are measured by standardized pain scores.
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