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forgotten story....and perspective

Posted by ChrisO on 5/09/00 at 10:00 (020073)

Hi folks - I forgot yesterday to relate a brief experience of mine while in San Luis Obispo last week. It was a classic faux paux and yep, it was done by me.

My husband and I had lunch with a very dear friend there who is a quadrapalegic due to a rock-climbing fall over 20 years ago. He's in a wheelchair, a great professional advocate for the disabled and so funny and uplifting that one practically feels privledged to call him a friend.
Anyway, there we were at lunch and the subject of conversation was fitness. I mentioned that I'd stopped running because of the PF and said some stupid thing like ' PF is so darn difficult to heal because, well, you know, you're on your feet ALL the time!'

He smiled and nodded his understanding.............
But HE'S not on his feet all the time! Boy did I feel just a tad sheepish.