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some interesting info......to all and Dr. Z

Posted by ChrisO on 5/09/00 at 20:28 (020133)

I heard something interesting today. My husband and I had had an ongoing discussion about just what kind of PF surgery he'd had so I finally called that Pod who did the surgery - he was also the first Pod we saw who eventually referred us on to another one in the same HMO system who had more experience with athletes.

Anyway, he's a terrific guy, very friendly. He always got a kick out of treating us together as we're not only married, we also have always run together and played baseball together. So he tells me he'd done the Plantar release (traditional method) on my husband and had also removed a bit of the spur.
Here's the surprise - when he learned that I was still suffering after 2 years he was shocked! He said that was totally unnecessary and wondered why I hadn't had surgery. He said that he found surgery successful in over 90% of his patients! He was so confident and matter-of-fact about that, well, I was shocked because that's not what I've heard about the surgery! Yes, it worked beautifully on my husband but I hear that that's just not always the case.
Now what? Dr. Z, what's your take on that? And what do you think about PF Release and it's effect on high, rigid arches?