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Making ends meet

Posted by Bob G. on 5/10/00 at 02:38 (020140)

I am very fortunate that my foot is out of pain. And for me, business is doing well. But I understand that this condition is a real stopper for many. All I can do from here is offer encouragement. I recently lost all and was down and out in the 90's. I now own nothing but an old '79 Toyota with over half a million miles on it. Yep. But I beat this thing and I know you can too by not reinjuring it, by taking it easy anyway you can.

For those of us that have to work through this, don't quit. It hurts, I know - I cried, too. But you can do something. Keep searching for that something as it will lead to another, then another, and you can find a solution.

Hang in there! You've got friends that understand.