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cheap sandals vs inserts/easy spirit shoes

Posted by sherri mc on 5/10/00 at 09:37 (020144)

I cannot beleive that I have not taken an anti-inflammitory since Saturday. I have never made it over two days without these in the 2 years I've had PF. We went on a camping trip a couple of weeks ago and I didn't want to wear my good PF shoes around the lake, so I wore
a pair of sandals from the big 'W'. They look like one of those expensive pairs that everyone is wearing (brown). I couldn't believe that I was able to wear those most of the weekend.

Last Friday the wind blew my van door shut on my PF foot ankle. It was all swollen on both sides. I decided I definately needed the anti's that day. I woke up on Saturday with a very sore ankle, but the PF wasn't bothering me so I decided not to take. I've been intending on starting the Bromelain to see if it helped. Now it's Wednesday and I have been wearing those cheap sandals since Saturday and only one day put on my Easy Spirits. The insert inside started making my arch sore! I cannot believe this! I have to say though, that I have been stretching my foot continuously throughout the day. So, maybe I'm better because I slammed my ankle in the door or cheap sandals. Go figure! I never did start the Bromelain.