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Taping and Ankle Brace

Posted by Sweetfeet on 5/11/00 at 15:12 (020233)

Well, I have read this board on and off for a long time now. I had been living in pain in what seems like forever. After reading this board, I finally decided to become proactive in my search/quest for pain relief. Here is a quick history of my PF. It started after I had my child. I was prescribed orthotics and given a cortisone shot (they both helped). I needed to lose weight, started aerobics, lost the weight and my foot again. Switched to Stairmaster, etc.--no more pounding my feet. Got better again and started to jog/run. Last run was 7 miles and left me almost crippled from the PF. I haven't run in over a year. I went back to my pod this week. Told him my symptoms. He taped my foot and the pain went away IMMEDIATELY! He told me to buy an ankle brace. NO PAIN STILL???! Okay, so here is my question--how long do I wear the brace? P.S. I have signed up for acupuncture and ARC, bought Birkenstocks, Mephistos, etc.. After reading about ALL of the ways people have been helped, I am not stopping at one 'cure'. Btw, I do believe I will always have this condition even though there are days when I feel normal. Don't fool yourself it can come back worse than ever. It did to me...