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ART THERAPY - Positive Feedback

Posted by Sweetfeet on 5/23/00 at 09:12 (020721)

I have now just completed my 3rd session. I walked into the office with a lot of pain and left feeling NO pain. Now, I know for now this is somewhat temporary, but maybe with lots more sessions it will be 'permanent'. She actually massaged across the spur. OUCH! After my session, my feet felt like there was actual blood flow through them. They were tingling. There was a thought I had when I left there feeling really good--I never paid attention to my feet when they were pain free. I have always been active--dancing, running, walking, jazzercise etc. Damn it, they served me well. If I had known how important it is to where proper shoes, cross-train, etc. Maybe, just maybe, some of these present problems could have been avoided. I do remember my last run (7 miles) and walking to cool down aftewards--I knew this was going to be my last run for a long, long time. From now on, any bit of pain free days will really be cherished, analyzed and hopefully duplicated.