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Dr. Zuckerman

Posted by Colleen G on 5/31/00 at 19:31 (021136)

Dr. Zuckerman,

I went to go see the orthopedist today. I felt as if he totally blew me off. He insisted on giving me another cortizone injection. Hurt like heck. I told him about my two little toes twitching before the surgery, the last time I was there. Today, he is telling me that it is probably a nueroma that developed from the surgery. He did not listen to me when I told him that it twitched before the sugery. He basically told me that he was right and I was wrong.

My question to you, is where in NJ are you located? I'm in Somerset County. I would like to set an appointment up with you, if at all possible. Please feel free to email me.