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Well, I Took A Long Walk....

Posted by Sweetfeet on 6/08/00 at 08:14 (021500)

at least long for me at this point. It was probably give or take about 2 miles. By the end of this, my foot ached. I iced it, massaged it, and swore at it. I must say that the pain was not quite as severe as it used to be and I am able to walk. I am sure I overdid it in the amount I walked. But hey, gotta test out the feet. I went to bed last night thinking that I would really pay for this in the am. Well, I have no pain this morning. My feet feel great. As I said before, I think I am getting better. The bouts of pain are still there but NOT as much as before. I have more pain-free time than painful time. I guess my body is healing. I wonder if my PFT exercises are helping. I do think the device targets foot muscles that I NEVER knew existed let alone worked. I have faithfully used my PFT's for about 2 weeks now.