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to Beverly

Posted by Rosie A on 6/12/00 at 14:57 (021719)

We have a friend in Corpus that does the morning show on C101. I don't know if you listen to Classic Rock but his name is Rex Gabriel. When my feet first started bothering me it was gradually. Me being the subborn person I am, decided to ignore it, it will go away. I wasn't about to miss out on the tournament season. AFter awhile it became constant and the next thing you know, I'm hobbling around and my mom of 70 plus is walking faster then me. About the TTS, when I described to the new guy where my foot was consistly bothering me, he started tapping around my ankle. The other doc had never done that so I was wondering what was going on. Once he got to a certain spot, it was like little bolts of electricity shooting through my foot. If you've ever banged your elbow really hard and feel something shooting through your arm, well that's what it felt like. He said that TTS is fairly common with people who are involved in martial arts because of the way we shape our feet and the way we stand. My right foot is feeling better. I don't hobble to much anymore. The pain is to the point where it's just a dull ache but my left foot...I'm glad you got the cast off and I hope your doctor can help you out. He sound pretty nice. I've never been to Whole Earth because everything sounds way too expensive when I've looked at their ads. Looks like a really neat place though. I don't know what the dr. going to do next time I see him but I'll keep you posted. Here's to happy feet soon!Rosie

PS: I accidentially posted this twice...deja vu!