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Old news

Posted by john h on 6/16/00 at 10:21 (021915)

last year i was basically in pain most all day in both feet (arch area where fascia attaches to heel). Pain got worse as day wore on. Only relief was ice and laying down. This year i have periods of time where there is little or no pain and then for no apparent reason the pf will return in both feet. I just cannot wrap my brain around why PF returns to both feet for no apparent reason. I have never had a medication that reduced the pain and i have tried them all. the single most effective reduction in pain came from a steriod shot which had me pain free for about 3 weeks. overall i am obviously better than last year as i can rebound faster from a bad case of PF. I still do not run or go for long walks but ride a bike and will on occasion walk a mile. I have some hope that a orbasone treatment my put me over the hump for some lasting relief and it is on my agenda. this is indeed a strange disease which does not get the national attention it deserves. with over 6 million people being treated yearly you would think it would get more attention.