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Posted by Gwenda on 6/17/00 at 05:43 (021950)

EWT is fairly new here in South Africa,infact I have only just recently heard about it and I would like some advice before I go ahead and have it done.
Brief History:- I had Spurs removed from both my feet in 1982 on the advice from a Orthopaedic Specialist(never would have if I knew what I did today). My heels never healed properly and I have a terrible empty feeling in them. Due to the fact that I was not walking properly I put all my weight on the front of my feet and hence developed Nodules between my tarsals and of course the heel spurs have now grown back and BIGGER. I am in 'OUCH' mode all the time. I
developed my initial problem because of Karate which I stopped doing for a few years but as I have got used to the pain I went back. The next day after my first lesson was AGONY. I now bandage my feet up before training and it helps a bit. A new specialist has suggested EWT. Has anyone had the same problems as meand tried EWT. I would appreciate ANY sugesstions. Hope the 'Brief History' wasn't too long.

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