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Posted by Mary J. on 6/22/00 at 14:32 (022230)

Dear fellow PFers,
Did not report last week because I was on vacation, with a lot of rest and some swimming. The pain is still there, but I believe I should wait at least 2 months before I worry. After all, I have had PF for 4 years, and they say the longer you have it, the harder it is to heal. When I went to UTMB for my one month Ossatron check, they said that all their patients had been cured. Wow! That sounded good for Ossatron, but bad for me. Ha! They also said that I could get another Ossatron at the end of 12 weeks if I wished or a short walking cast if I really needed it to walk at that time. Am anxious to hear how the other ESWT patients are doing. Mary J.
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