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misc. catching up ...

Posted by JudyS on 6/24/00 at 17:17 (022340)

Well, it's no news to anyone here that vacations can be tough on PF! I developed a habit of pacing myself by being a walking-around tourist for a few hours one day and sitting on the deck the next! That worked out OK excepting that I found it difficult to maintain my usual icing/massage routine. I also did a minimal amount of running with the philosophy that I needed badly to treat my psychology, at least temporarily, more than I needed to treat the PF. I had no significant after-effects from that and, all in all, I don't think I'm any better or worse post-vacation. As far as foot wear, one day I walked around in my Reeboks, two days later I did the same amount of walking in my new $9.95 Hanes from Walmart and had the same result - burning, sore arches after about an hour and a half. (I no longer have heel pain) It won't surprise you that sitting down and switching to Birks gave nearly immediate relief.
Now I have a plan. (again?). I've had this PF for two years. I wouldn't have it at all if I hadn't ignored it two years ago. Although I've gotten more serious about considering release surgery, I'm still going to wait. I'm asking my GP to refer me on to an ortho instead of going back to my Pod. I want that second opinion.
I'm going to get Mike's exercise thing. I'm going to lose 15 pounds. (that would be the 15 I gained since quitting running....) I'm going to hit the bromelain and low carb trail. And I'm going to wait another six months. THEN I'll consider surgery. At least I'll know I really did give it my all. I honestly believe that Bob and Robin are right on with their advice. Take it slowly and consistently. Clearly there is no overnite cure. I believe that vigorous response to our various treatments via PT or our own methods can be too much. We use ice too long, massage too hard, stretch too much, etc. And, while I believe that rest is probably the biggest key, I also believe the advice of one Doc who said that too much rest can cause too much atrophy - leading to other problems. So I'm on my feet till the pain barely starts, then I do the ice. Moderation in all?