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Note to Dfeet and Laurie R and Alan

Posted by wendyn on 7/01/00 at 10:10 (022740)

Hi! I read both your posts but I've been unable to find the time to sit down here for even a few minutes.

Alan - thanks for the link to the trigger point info. I don't have time to read it now but I printed it off. As I was scanning it quickly I noticed a comment about referred pain from gastroc muscles that goes into the arch of the foot. Hmmmm. I will have to learn more.

Dfeet - yes my condition is degenerative. I've been busy 'degenerating' for the last 20 years. As my feet are flattening out, it's causing all kinds of other problems and other damage as I go along. Because I sort of 'lack' the adequate supporting structures in my feet - there isn't anything non-surgically that can be done to make them better. Sort of like a house foundation - things on top will crack and fall apart - you can manage those but in order to actually fix the problem you have to fix the foundation.

This would require surgical reconstruction of the arches in my feet. Each reconstruction would be a 'series' of surgeries. I will discuss specifics of this with the doctor after my MRI. In the meantime, I need to manage on my own.

Laurie...I have been doing quite well. I did have a set back on Thursday which gave me a serious reminder that I'd better be careful.

I've been teaching classes at work on a new financial system - and it's meant a lot of standing and walking around. So far I've managed not too bad. I've been biking 3-4 times a week, and I'm up to about 17 minutes - and my speed is going up. On Thursday I went about 6 miles in 15 minutes. I was walking back to work way too fast (that 'Type A' thing again) and I had a sudden sharp pain on the inside of my foot. It was a very specific spot about an inch below and about an inch forward of the inside ankle bump. My foot was quite sore and puffy the rest of the day and I couldn't put weight on it that night. Whatever it is - it seems to have settled down, but I'll have to show a little more common sense.

It was definately not the same nerve pain I've had in the past, much more like an inflammed tendon.

I will try to be more sensible about how fast I'm expecting to recover.