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getting off foot, getting better

Posted by Ann G. on 7/11/00 at 07:59 (023134)

I was felled by a virus last week that put me in bed for two days with only trips (way to many) to the bathroom. I thought I was staying off my feet and resting, but after the 2 day illness, I had a pain-free day. Closer examination turned me into a shrew with husband and child. I never really examined how much I walk around, to 'help' them. A week of telling them to get it themselves, and now my foot is 'stiff' and sometimes a little achey, but not shooting pains and my foot is not swollen at all as sometimes happened. Now to address the weight gain from inactivity and the clumsiness I feel from an altered gait. I hope it will return to normal, but for now I
think Tai Chi is what I would like to do to regain my coordination, I feel totally clutzy. Do any of you feel clumsy?