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Pavement Matters

Posted by Rock on 7/11/00 at 08:09 (023135)

I have been PF pain free for about 5 weeks and have been running about 25 miles per week on dirt/gravel trails (I ran twice that amount until I got PF last spring).

Last Sunday I did a 5 mile run on the 1/4 mile 'paved' high school track because it was right next to the 100 meter swimming pool that I was going to swim 2K in. The run and the swim went fine. However the next day I did experience a minor flare-up in PF !

I have to conclude that the rubberized pavement on the track was much more demanding on my feet than the dirt/gravel trails that I am used to. So: 'Pavement Matters' !

Another observation, I am convinced that my weekly 150 miles of biking and 5 miles of swimming have helped heal my PF. Feet and legs always start to feel better during a distance swim.

I hope this helps someone.