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First pair of new shoes Yea

Posted by Pauline on 7/23/00 at 18:08 (023765)

We are going to Atlanta for 3 days for my husbands business. The only shoes I have been semi-comfortable in have been my old old running shoes. I've use my old orthotics on and off since my Pf flare up in April..

Not wanting to look too bad I set out to purchase a new pair of shoes that I could wear, not heels just something more dressy than my old
running shoes. I found a pair of Clarks their Sunshell 2 model. It
feels like a clog but has two straps. I wore it all day today and
no foot pain. Can't tell you how proud I feel.

I still will take my running shoes and orthotics along with my night splints and anything else for comfort for thoes three days, but
now I can also look a little better in skirts and jumpers when we go out to dinner.