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My experience with heel pain

Posted by Mike D on 7/25/00 at 08:45 (023878)

I went to DPM. for heel pain 12/99 and was given instructions on how to do stretching exercises and diclofenac. This treatment did not work
I went back to DPM. and was given a night splint. This helped early in the day but afternoon pain was back. So back to the Dr. and he said shots and I said no. I suggested a cast since the night splint was helping 1/2 the day maybe a full time cast will help all day. He said no my feet were worn out form standing on the job for 25 years and all he could do was surgery.
Time for a 2nd opinion! I went to another DPM. and he gave me daypro. Daypro did not work. Went back and got a shot and cast for 3 weeks. After cast came off I was doing fine for 2 months than pain came back. I got a m.r.i. and was diagnosed with Haglunds Diseas. I am in a cast until 8/17 when I will have sugery.
I told the Dr. that I did competitive weightlifting from 76 to 88 and did heavy training for my leg muscles and never streched after workouts. I asked if this might be the cause of my condition and he said it is posible. I think I am paying the price now for trying to look good and strong in my youth. This is my story and I am sticking to it.