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ossatron locations

Posted by john h on 7/25/00 at 09:21 (023880)

i talked to the Healthtronics coordinator who is based in Chattanogga, Tn. (Lois 423.622.3776). She thought final approval for use of the Ossatron would come around Sep 1. There is an ossatron in Chattnogga which moves from Chattanogga to Birmingham to Atlanta. It is operated my a rep from Healthtronics. Memorial Hospital in Chattanogga where test studies were conducted will not have a machine. Treatment will probably be in outpatient clinics by the traveling machine. Cost is not yet established. In Chattanogga Dr. Richard Alverez (foot and ankle surgeon) did some of the original studies on the ossatron and would be a doctor who would refer a patient for treatment (423.622.3668). No need to call him until final approval on ossatron is received. There is a machine in St Louis and Rochester. No info on where. Sounds like Healthtronics will own machines and pay the doctor a referal fee but that is just my guess.