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Posted by Barbara S. on 7/25/00 at 16:05 (023921)

After 6 months of excruciating and unremitting pain... it was nearly impossible to even stand up for a whole month. I strapped pillows on my knees to try to care for a toddler and a five year old and couldn't even stand in the shower. You may remember my sad story! After two unhelpful podiatrists, I did a shot (no relief whatsoever),nightsplints, x-rays, and naprosyn (Alleve, which is acceptable for a nursing mother like myself) along with $400 orthotics that were too painful to wear. My hands and knees were a mess from crawling and my calf muscles were starting to atrophy despite my best efforts at the excercise bike. I was in total despair. Then, despite my belief that chiropractice was as effective as voodoo, I gave it one desperate try. Traditional medicine had failed me.

My chiropractor informed me that I had spained my ankle some months before (indeed, I had, but had not mentioned it because I didn't think it was related