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PT visit

Posted by JudyS on 7/26/00 at 21:58 (024063)

Well here I go again.....I'll get a little wordy here but my PT visit today, coupled with a Pod visit the other day, reinforces the idea that PF-induced poor strides can create more problems!
I have to tell you - today is probably the best, most hopeful day I've had in my PF career! I went to PT for my 'strange' arch pain (the 3rd Pod doesn't think it's the PF) and this guy was really thorough and seemingly very foot-knowledgable. He did all the usual poking, prodding and manipulating (I think I could do all that by now!) and quite deftly (and painfully)located the exact point of this soreness. Then he showed me a model of a foot as well as numerous photos of all the foot ligaments and bones. He showed me the location of the pain by using those models and said that my poor gait has clearly imposed negatively on certain locations - so does this surprise us? He KNEW exactly how my foot would cramp up in that spot - and what to do to make it cramp! Anyway, I really like getting the detailed info because it makes the problem seem like less of a controlling mystery! I have less apprehension and fear about this unknown - you know, like wondering if I'm forever going to be doddering! So the treatment...this won't surprise you - major massage at first to loosen things up and get the circulation back, then strengthening. He said the massage will be painful....sounds familiar, huh? The reason I'm so extremely hopeful today is that this news, coupled with my greatly reduced heel pain, makes me think that there really is a lite in my tunnel! I sure didn't think so a few months ago.