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Give your feet the day off :)

Posted by Bob G. on 7/29/00 at 15:19 (024245)

There once was a Blonde with sore feet,
Her Birkenstocks were really sooo neat!
She rested those Puppies,
Took up with Pet Guppies,
So now her PF's in RETREAT!

Today was able to beach walk and end with a very gentle jog on very soft sand (puff puff!). This is progress which makes me very happy. I am tempted to walk more, tempted to walk faster, tempted to jog more BUT have learned to increase gradually and not give in to temptation (right!).

I am learning that exercise helps. Just using my knees, making them work (wearing strong brace supports) is helping the pain to subside. Foot pain is almost gone, wearing the NightSpint 50% of the time now. Always wear good quality shoes and my Birk arch supports go in all my shoes. Plenty of gentle FootFlex throughout the day (and night).

Progress is relative. With Patience and Persistence (especially in the REST mode) almost anyone can make progress. Those that cannot must go back to square one (attitude). Good Day! BG