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Posted by JudyS on 8/03/00 at 11:57 (024555)

More PT experience - went to see him for the first real treatment yesterday. This series is to focus on tendons, etc. other than or in addition to the Plantar because my heel pain is still reduced. So the theory is that each and all need serious re-strengthening. You know, he kept telling me to push my big toe against his restraint, up or down, and I honestly could barely move the toe, much less create pressure with it! I was shocked. Clearly atrophy is a big problem for those of us with PF who've done a good job of staying off our feet! That's something for all physicians, therapists and patients alike to consider with this condition. And not just that. The other thing that happens, as some of you can attest to, is that a stride that is altered to accommodate the PF pain is very likely to create other problems. That's just exactly what happened to me - I'd been putting as much weight as I could along the outsides of my feet which made that big toe muscle freak out once I tried to walk normally. The PT did a good deal of deep massage (ouch) and gave me some work to do to learn to walk normally again and to strenghten. All that, mind you, before it can even be considered to have the PF release surgery! Frankly, I'm hoping, and to a degree expecting, that all this conditioning will make surgery unnecessary.