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Re: A few more points to add.

Posted by Kim B. on 8/03/00 at 17:38 (024585)

I rationalize that this type of service may indeed SAVE MONEY, because it cuts down dramatically on the IMPULSE buying. Then if you only need a few things, along the way, you can always run in and out, using the express lanes at the actual stores. Makes the 'Pfer's 15 min. per store rule' easier to stick to.

Another nice thing is that you actually get to check your pantry to see if you ARE out of sugar (for example) and other things. Like, exactly what was the name of that toothpaste you liked so much? (You don't have to guess, you can go check.) Also, your recipe books are right there, you can double check them for ingredients you need. You get the drift, there are lots of benefits to this service.

You get to make, name and save your own Lists too. You could have one for 'panty staples', one for ingredients to chicken picata, beef stew and spagetti (examples). Pull up the custom made lists and the same ingredients are there. Week one, week two, and week three meals. Click. The possibilites are endless, especially for organized person and/or laid-up person.

Kim B.