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This stretching "weanie" is getting brave.

Posted by Beverly on 8/03/00 at 18:48 (024602)

As some of you all know, I have been the all-time stretching 'weanie' and 'chicken.' I was very cautious about stretching. It hurt lots and lots when I tried it on my own, and having my first two pod's preach against it, was all the encouragement I needed not to stretch.

I rested and rested. That didn't get me all that far. Next, I researched and debated stretching here on our board.

Finally, after hearing positive stretching testimonials, and having two orthopedic sports medicine doc's say, I had to stretch to get better, I dipped my toe in the stretching arena.

It hurt at first. But my PT (the only way I was brave enough to embark on stretching was with PT) said to go gently but keep doing it.

Now, three weeks later, I am AMAZED at how well I am stretching. I have gone from barely being able to do 5 stretches of each particular stretch and not holding it for any period of time to doing 8 or 9 stretches (depending on the stretch) and holding it to the count of seven! And it is not hurting much... a pull at times ... sometimes an ache, but not the pain I felt when I first began.

I'm also doing strengthening: towel curls, ankle circles, and picking up marbles, and seated toe raises. I can't do as many of them. I do about 5 each of these. But when I first began, I could barely do even one each.

I still only do the stretches 1x a day.

Here is my current routine (given to me by the PT)

flexing back the foot
flexing with a belt or towel - one set bent knees, one set straight knees
flexing foot sideways
ankle cirlcles
towel curls
seated toe raising stretch (Sit in chair and raise up on toes. This was hard at first. I still can only do 4 or 5 of these and I don't hold them for more than a few seconds.)
picking up marbles (Just started this. I just pick up a few.)

I still can't handle any weight bearing stretch. I am thinking about ordering the PFT since I have had progress with the towel stretch.

This doesn't sound like much to bigtime stretchers. But for me, this is major progress.

I can't see any difference yet in my pain level when walking around. But I keep telling myself to be patient.