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It hurts

Posted by wendyn on 8/04/00 at 08:54 (024643)

Good morning Pat - I am glad to hear you are hanging in!

Unfortunately one thing people seem to find with foot surgery is that it really does hurt - a lot. Feet heal so slowly. I'm glad to hear that your keeping on top of things with your pain meds. I had a terrible time after bunion surgery, they were giving me morphine and I was awake for about 36 hours. Then I started to turn a funny color and I got really itchy. They realized I was allergic to it. For whatever reason it never touched the pain. Then they started giving me some other narcotic - name sounded like 'Laratine'. They gave me that PLUS a drug for the nausea PLUS benadryl for the itching. I was so high I didn't know my last name. That lasted about a day and then I was so sick from the laratine (sp?) that they tried Toradol and sent me home. I got sick from that too and ended up just taking extra strength tylenol.

Did I ever tell you guys I locked myself out of the hospital when I had my bunion surgery? Pat - you will like this wheel chair story. I was a dedicated smoker back then and that first night I was wide awake (but really stoned) from the morphine. Somewhere around 5 in the moring I decided I needed to smoke. So, I managed to get myself in a wheelchair, foot up in front of me, in my housecoat with a needle sticking out of my IV hand. I could not see more than about 20 feet in front of me because of all the morphine. I left the floor (snuck past the nurse). I knew that I couldn't negotiate the wheelchair up the ramp into the smoking room - so I went out the front door of the hospital.

There I was - outside having my cigarettes - middle of December, well below 0 out (I live in Canada remember). In my housecoat. Pitch dark out - not a soul around, downtown in a not so great neigborhood.

When I went to return to the hospital, I found that the automatic doors did not stay open long enough for me to wheel myself back in. I was having trouble negotiating the wheelchair because of the needle in my hand (and the drugs) - and every time I got close to the door, it would slam shut just inches from my sore foot.

I don't recall how long I was out there for. Someone came along and pushed me inside eventually.