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Posted by Kim B. on 8/06/00 at 15:37 (024766)

Trust me, when you have kids and family around, kids need, need, need. They don't have the reasoning power to understand that Mommy has limits. So basically, Mommy's tend to overdo.

Secondly, my husband in no way wants to serve as my PF slave, which believe me, is what I need. Maybe the first month or two he'd of been a good sport about it, but after an extended period, it gets old. I don't want him to resent me for having so many medical problems. Plus, since I lean on him so much to pick up some of my slack where my kid is concerned, I rarely ask him to do much of anything that is for the comfort of my feet. I do most everything for myself, and I do more than I should for the sake of my home and family obligations. I really envy the single folks being able to gather everything they need and actually sit down without being disturbed for awhile. That is a luxury, belive me. I think both situations have their pros and cons. :-)

Regards, Kim B.