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Moleskin Memories

Posted by Bob G. on 8/07/00 at 00:19 (024798)

Kim, you just brought back found memories of Dr. Scholl's Moleskin. Yes, Moleskin is not cheap and the cost does add up - but it was well worth it.

Not for me, but for my late dog; we used to go jogging together on the beach (dogs love this the most!). Sunny required Moleskin between certain toes or he would develope bleeding blisters (an unusual 'mechanical' problem with his paws, per Vet) so I would cut up sheets of Moleskin - and when it came time to go to the beach we had to first do this Moleskin ritual. This was fun for him 'cause he knew he was going to the beach!

Hey, at least my beach dog never had to put up with NightSpints, StrassburgSocks, Arch Supports, etc. etc. etc. :)