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creating web pages

Posted by Scott R on 8/07/00 at 18:40 (024854)

John H,
Web page 'programming' is easy. Click on 'view' and then 'source' of your web browser to see the web page 'HTML code' that formats how your browser shows this web page. That's a good start. You can save this file to your hard drive, edit it in a simple text editor like 'notepad' or 'write' (I don't know whaty they are called on the Mac), save the edited file and then open it in your web browser to see how your changes affected the web page. You keep switching between the text editor and your web browser and clicking refresh on your web browser to see the new changes.

The go to http://www.heelspurs.com/zz/ to my brief but possibly cryptic tutorial on building web pages