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Re: on the nude picture I did not see...

Posted by Beverly on 8/09/00 at 16:45 (025001)

The only pictures I see are that group shot, Nancy and Judy, John, and Scott. If there are other pictures somewhere else, I'm missing them.

So, I missed the nudie. I guess you all already deleted it. But I would not want any nude or suggestive pictures on our Board. It is not that I am a prude, because I'm not. But like Judy, I think what makes this site great is that it is on a 'higher' plane.

It does not take much for a website to attract people for the wrong reasons. This is the first message board I have ever participated in for any length of time. When I first got here, I was a little uncomfortable since I had never 'chatted' in cyberspace (other than with personal friends and business associates through email). Your warmth and concern and helpfulness broke the ice for me.

I have come to learn that really regular, everyday people like me are on this board and suffer from the same thing I do. Now that some of us have gotten to know each other at least of a 'cyber' level, it is easy and can be fun to 'let our hair down.' But think about the newcomer. If I had come here to the first time and seen a nude photo, it would have called the integrity of the Board into question.

I never saw the picture you all are talking about. So, I can't comment on it specifically. (And yes, I'm a hypocrite. I looked and looked trying to find the picture... not wanting to be left out.) We all want to look good. I'd see nothing wrong with a 'Glamour Shots' type of picture as long as we had our clothes on.

It's great seeing our pictures. If I get comfortable enough to include mine, I'll need step-by-step directions.